The Indigenous Caucus and the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) are proud to support the National Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition. The coalition is an independent group from CHRA and the Indigenous Caucus, with autonomous, Indigenous-led and governed leadership.

Support Indigenous Designed and Delivered Housing Solutions

  • Over 80% of Indigenous people live in urban, rural, and northern (URN) communities
  • Up to 18% are in core housing need
  • Indigenous people are 11 times more likely to experience homelessness and be in need of services

Decades of hard work by URN Indigenous housing providers has come to fruition with an official declaration solidifying an Indigenous-led and governed path forward as the newly formed National Urban, Rural, Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition (NURNIHC). While this is a monumental and historical accomplishment, it is only the beginning, your support in continuing the momentum is vital. See below to join or support NURNIHC.

Indigenous Housing Coalition calls on the federal government to commit to funding a National Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

In a press conference held February 7, 2023, the National Urban Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition, an organization representing Indigenous housing providers across the country, called on the federal government to commit $6 billion in the 2023 federal budget to meet its commitment to develop an Urban, Rural and Northern (URN) Indigenous Housing Strategy and create Canada’s first-ever National Indigenous Housing Centre.

“Investments in affordable housing must include funding for culturally relevant community resources, health services, and education to break the systemic cycle of housing insecurity that has left so many Indigenous families behind,” said Margaret Pfoh, CEO, Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) and NICHI board member. “We know that stable, supportive housing is vital for the safety and well-being of Indigenous women and their children.”

Read the full press release.

Learn more about NICHI and Indigenous Housing.

National Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition Declaration Signatories

Indigenous-governed, Indigenous-led organizations can join the Indigenous coalition at any time by endorsing the National Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition Declaration.

Read the Declaration

As a part of this declaration, the signatories agree to the following action items:

  • Incorporate a national URN Indigenous housing entity to achieve collective goals, manage and control allocated funds that will be used towards providing housing and housing supports for Indigenous peoples;
  • Collaborate with one another through the national organizational structure to provide housing for URN Indigenous peoples;
  • Work together to compile research, develop communications strategies with respect to advancing the URN housing strategy;
  • Jointly identify, develop, and advocate priority initiatives that the signatories mutually agree upon;
  • Acknowledge the need for partnerships with governments, municipalities and Indigenous governments and other parties to benefit the provision of housing for URN Indigenous peoples; and
  • Make decisions jointly with partner organizations where collectively agreed upon.
Aboriginal Housing Management Association
Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle
Biminaawzogin Regional Aboriginal Women’s Circle
Cariboo Friendship Centre Society
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
De dwa da dehs nye s Aboriginal Health Centre
Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre
Fort St. John Friendship Society
Gabriel Housing Corporation
Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
Hotinohsioni Inc Brantford Native Housing
Indigenous Congress of Alberta
Keepers of the Circle – National Indigenous Feminist Housing Working Group
Lloydminster Métis Housing Group Inc.
Lu’ma Native Housing Society
M’akola Housing Society
Mamele’awt Qweesome Housing Society
Manitoba Inuit Association
Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Miziwe Biik Development Corporation
Na-Me-Res (Native Men’s Residence)
Namerind Housing Corporation
National Association of Friendship Centres
National Indigenous Affordable Housing Corp
Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative
Native Women’s Association of the NWT
Niginan Housing Ventures
Northern Indigenous Housing Network
NPAAMB Indigenous Youth Employment & Training
Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services
Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
Ontario Native Women’s Association
P.A. Community Housing Society Inc.
Sacajawea Non Profit Housing
Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation
Société immobilière du Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtone du Québec (SIRCAAQ)
Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre
Tunngasugit Inc
Wenjikwom Housing Commission Society
Wood Buffalo Wellness Society

Join the the Indigenous coalition

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  • By joining the Indigenous coalition we agree to abide by the following principles:

    • Respect for each other and upholding self-determination and Indigenous sovereignty. The signatories are autonomous Indigenous organizations that form a coalition to achieve the housing purposes of the coalition;
    • Through the development of culturally appropriate housing and services, we support the retention and revitalization of our diverse cultures through our respective cultures and traditions, ways of knowing and being, and respect for the land;
    • To be respectful of each other and of all life; and
    • To ensure that housing is provided to all URN Indigenous peoples on an equitable and as needed basis, in an Indigenous holistic manner.

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Wider sector support for the National Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Coalition

3D Printed Homes Corporation
Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa
BC Non-Profit Housing Association
Brockville Streetfriends
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness
Canadian Centre for Housing Rights
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association Association/ canadienne d’habitation et de rénovation urbaine
Central City Foundation
Citizens for Public Justice
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada / Fédération de l’habitation coopérative du Canada
Efficiency Canada
Efficiency Canada
End Homelessness St. John’s
Gloucester Housing Corporation
HelpSeeker Technologies
Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association
Mount Pearl Streetfriends
North American Legacy Foundation
Nunavut Association of Non-Profit Organizations
Ontario Alliance to End Homelessness
Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
Peel Alliance to End Homelessness
Réseau québécois des OSBL d’habitation
The Agency for Co-operative Housing

Support the Indigenous coalition

Demonstrate your support as an non-Indigenous organization. Add your organization as a supporter and ally of the Indigenous coalition:

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